Water / Wastewater Construction

Poole & Kent has provided innovative solutions within the water/wastewater market for 40 years from the construction of new facilities to the upgrade, expansion, and retrofit of existing facilities. 

Our experience and proficiency are unrivaled. Poole & Kent has self performance capabilities for virtually all trades. 

We are a fully licensed general, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, site utility and pollutant storage contractor and have in-house professional engineers and DBIA Professionals who are utilized extensively during "value engineering" and "design-build" projects.

We believe we have the greatest installed capacity of reverse osmosis/membrane facilities in the United States. 

We have constructed some of the largest cast-in-place WWTP clarifiers in Florida for Miami-Dade County and have substantially completed one of the largest deep bed filters projects in the country. 

Poole & Kent Company of Florida specializes in the construction of large municipal water and wastewater treatment plants including pumping stations, power generation, reverse osmosis and membrane softening, grit removal, high service pumps stations, filtration, underground piping systems, oxygen generation, chlorine contact basins, nanofiltration, odor control systems, aeration basins, clarifiers, and lift stations.

Our extensive Florida experience not only allows our firm to effectively solve problems associated with the construction of large-scale municipal water/wastewater facilities but also enables us to draw from our long lasting relationships in the industry with the most qualified and reliable subcontractors best suited for this type of work.




Partial Listing of Completed and Current WTP/WWTP Projects

  • ECRWRF Biosolids Improvement Project
  • Largo Wastewater Reclamation Facility Disinfection and Effluent Pumping Improvements Project
  • Bee Ridge WRF Septage Improvements
  • WTP Filters Rehabilitation
  • Howard F. Curren AWTP Denitrification Filter Media Replacement
  • Northeast WRF Clarifiers 5-8 Rehabilitation
  • East WRF Effluent Filter Rehabilitation
  • East Port WRF Stage 1 Improvements
  • Master Pump Station No. 3
  • SDWWTP Screening Systems Improvements
  • Deep Injection Well for MS/RO Concentrate Disposal
  • Coral Springs WTP Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Springtree WTP Operations Building and High Service Pump Station "A"
  • CDWWTP Digester Cover Replacement
  • Clearwater WTP No. 2 Reverse Osmosis Plant Site Expansion
  • WTP 1A 1.0 MG Storage Tank
  • Septage Receiving Facility Improvements
  • Eastside WRF Aeration System and Headworks Improvement
  • Punta Gorda WWTP Piping Replacement
  • NDWWTP Secondary Clarifier Repairs
  • DL Tippin WTF – Chlorine Piping and Chemical Building Improvements
  • East and West Spring Lake Wastewater Expansion
  • Naples Water Treatment Plant Filter Valve Replacement & Control System Upgrade
  • Hollywood Water Treatment Plant Train "A" Replacement
  • Belle Glade Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
  • West Palm Beach Water Treatment Plant Electrical/Generator Building
  • Hollywood Water Treatment Plant Electrical Power Generator System Expansion
  • Hollywood Water Treatment Plant Membrane Replacement
  • South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Cogeneration Facility Improvements
  • Glades Road Water Treatment Plant Finished Water Disinfection and Chemical System Improvements
  • South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Septage Receiving & Solids Process Buildings
  • South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Pump Station #2
  • South Miami Heights Water Treatment Plant High Service Pump Station
  • Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Oxygen System Upgrade
  • South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Chlorine Contact Tanks 5-9
  • South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Filter System
  • Town of Jupiter Nanofiltration Plant
  • Glades Road Water Treatment Plant Membrane Softening Addition
  • G.T. Lohmeyer Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Station
  • Glades Road Water Treatment Plant Sodium Hypochlorite System
  • Bonita Springs Water Reclamation Facility
  • Palm Beach County Membrane Treatment Plant #9
  • Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Stabilization System
  • Norwood-Oeffler Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration Water Treatment Plant
  • Fiveash Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Bid Package I, M, & K
  • Glades Road Wastewater Treatment Plant Solids Processing Facility
  • Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Palm Beach County Membrane Treatment Plant #3
  • Bee Ridge Water Reclamation Facility Expansion
  • Tampa Bay Ground Water Treatment Plant
  • Alexander Orr Jr. Water Treatment Plant CO2 System Improvements
  • Tampa Bay Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Lake Washington Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Chlorination
  • Sawgrass Water Treatment Plant Membrane Softening
  • South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Oxygenation Train #7
  • North Cape Reverse Osmosis Facility
  • Lake Region Water Treatment Plant Wellfield
  • Southwest Water Reclamation Facility Expansion Upgrades
  • North County Membrane Water Treatment Plant Expansion
  • Fiveash Water Treatment Plant Filter Rehabilitation
  • Collier County Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Lake Region Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant
  • G.T. Lohmeyer Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Station Improvements
  • Peele-Dixie Nanofiltration Water Treatment Plant
  • South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering Facility Expansion

Sampling of the Owners we work for:

  • Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
  • City of Largo, Florida
  • City of Clearwater, Florida
  • City of Tampa, Florida
  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Charlotte County, Florida
  • City of Sunrise, Florida
  • City of Punta Gorda, Florida
  • City of Venice, Florida
  • Broward County, Florida
  • City of Coral Springs, Florida
  • City of Hollywood, Florida
  • City of Boca Raton, Florida
  • Town of Jupiter, Florida
  • Palm Beach County Utilities Department
  • City of Cape Coral, Florida
  • City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Indian River County, Florida
  • Collier County, Florida
  • City of Naples, Florida
  • City of West Palm Beach, Florida