Pump Stations

Poole & Kent performed as Prime Contractor for many key pump station projects in the South Florida area.

One notable example: the second largest pump station in the City of Miami was planned, engineered and completed on our watch – the project required a rigorous sequence of construction phases whereby at least two pumps and support equipment had to be maintained during the entire construction process.

Pump station expertise. Field-proven experience.

Challenges like these have put Poole & Kent on the map as a preferred contractor, and helped us earn a reputation for extensive and efficient coordination of projects ranging from $10 million to $135 million. We've been applying our experience to mission-critical pump station new construction and retrofits for over 40 years.

Partial listing of P&K pump station projects

  • Master Pump Station No. 3 – Miami, Florida
  • WWRF Disinfection and Effluent Pumping System Improvements – Largo, Florida
  • Springtree WTP Operations Building and High Service Pump Station “A” – Sunrise, Florida
  • South District WWTP Effluent Pump Station No. 2 – Miami, Florida
  • South Miami Heights WTP Reservoir & High Service Pump Station – Miami, Florida
  • Wastewater Repump Stations A, B, & E Rehabilitation – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • G.T. Lohmeyer WWTP Pump Station Improvements – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • South District WWTP Pump Station No. 1 – Miami, Florida
  • G.T. Lohmeyer WWTP Pump Station – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • 9th Street Pumping Station Improvements – Miami, Florida
  • Bal Harbour Village Pump Station – Bal Harbour, Florida
  • North District WWTP Effluent Pump Station – Miami, Florida
  • Pump Station 401-P1 – Florida City, Florida
  • Sewage Pump Station P-2 – Miami Beach, Florida
  • Tampa Bay Ground Water Pump Station - Tampa, Florida


Master Pump Station No. 3, part of Downtown Miami’s Brickell area sewer system expansion, required extensive dewatering prior to pouring concrete.  


Effluent Pump Station #2 at the South District WWTP houses six (6) 20.5 MGD, 900 HP vertical turbine effluent discharge pumps and associated equipment.


The new 5 MG reinforced concrete finished water storage reservoir tank at the South Miami Heights WTP houses four (4) 11.3 MGD, 500 HP horizontal split-case high service pumps and associated equipment.