Glades Road WTP On-Site
Sodium Hypochlorite Generation System BOCA RATON, FL



Professional delivery of a newer, safer water treatment system; expert installation of advanced water treatment technology; a carefully planned and executed demolition process; efficient and economical conversion of existing facilities to accommodate new equipment; a non-disruptive system installation; a safer environment for plant personnel and local population.


To switch from a gas chlorine storage-and-feed water treatment system to a safer on-site sodium hypochlorite generation-and-feed system.


Prior to this project, the client’s water treatment plant used a chlorine gas storage and- feed system to disinfect its water. Because of the risk posed to plant operators and the surrounding community by the storage and handling of large quantities of chlorine gas, the city elected to convert its chlorine gas system to an on-site sodium hypochlorite generation-and-feed system.

To handle the conversion, the client turned to Poole & Kent (P&K), a company with extensive expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of water treatment plants. For this project, P&K scheduled, coordinated, procured, and executed all aspects of the facility’s construction, as well as all process equipment installation.

Activities included demolition of the existing chlorine gas storage, handling, and feed systems; and rehabilitation and modification of the existing chlorine storage area and chlorinator room to receive the new equipment.

In addition, the company installed:

  • Two 72-ton salt/brine tanks, each equipped with a salt truck off-loading station and brine make-up water softener system
  • Three 1,500 pound per day (ppd) capacity electrolytic on-site sodium hypochlorite generation units. These units generate 0.8-percent sodium hypochlorite solution, which is transferred to the on-site storage tanks, where it is fed into the treatment process
  • Five 18,500-gallon capacity sodium hypochlorite solution storage tanks. Three of these tanks receive bulk deliveries of commercial 12-percent sodium hypochlorite solution for back-up and/or to supplement the on-site generation. When the process requires additional solution, dilution systems within the tanks reduce the 12-percent solution to 0.8 percent, matching that of the solution generated on site. This solution is then transferred to the remaining two 0.8-percent solution tanks
  • Six progressive cavity hypochlorite feed pumps, each equipped with variable frequency drives for automatic flow-pacing to each hypochlorite application point.

Finally, P&K oversaw all associated site work and yard piping, as well as electrical, instrumentation, and controls upgrades.


P&K scheduled and performed demolition of the existing gas chlorination equipment and installed the new hypochlorite feed equipment without disrupting the plant’s dayto- day operations.


The City of Boca Raton owns and operates the 70-million gallons-per-day capacity (mgd) Glades Road Water Treatment Plant. The plant is located near downtown Boca Raton adjacent to the Boca Raton Airport and the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) campus.



Poole & Kent Company of Florida

City of Boca Raton, Florida

Poole & Kent

Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.

February 2001 to November 2002

$4.2 million


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